Of Course I Need This!

Being a first time mum is exciting, nerve racking and down right scary at times. Now I’m one of the lucky ones, I’ve worked with children ranging from newborn to 5 for the past 10 years as a nursery nurse, Babysat at looked after babies since I was 11 and I’ve always known one day I’d have my very own bundle of joy. Now all of this training has been super helpful in helping me decide what kind of parent I want to be and how I want to raise my daughter and the basic in and outs of looking after small children, but the one thing all these years of looking after children hasn’t taught me is what the hell am I supposed to be buying for this impending new arrival!

If you Google “thing’s my newborn will need” there’s hundreds of websites providing lists of the basics, but they’re all different, ask other mums and each will willingly give me a list of the things to buy and not to buy but again each mothers list is different based on their choices or child.

As most mums know they want the best for their child and first time mums can have it the worst, I’ve spent hours researching the best pram (aka prettiest), bottles, dummies, baby monitor. Do I really need a boppy pillow, should I buy a baby bath or get a bath seat? Will I be a terrible mother if I don’t buy that co-sleeper? the list is endless but how do I decide when every website or parent gives me a different answer?

Well after almost making my brain explode with the seemingly endless possibilities, I’ve decided to basically just wing it. I’m going to buy what I like and what I think I’ll need. Yes I’ll probably regret buying that deluxe baby bath with built in thermometer and relaxing bubbles (not actually a thing but if it was I would SO buy it!) and my baby may hate the tommee tippee bottles I’ve chosen and only like the amazing Dr Browns everyone raves about but as at least these mistake will be my own and I’ll learn from them. I’m sure a lot of the things I’ll buy will sit unused for months or maybe forever but guess what I’ll probably make the same mistakes next time because as everyone loves to say every child is different and so are the parents, what this baby may hate may be the one thing my next child loves. I’m going to do a post before baby is born on all the things I have bought and another a few months later as to whether or not they worked for my just incase you’d like to know what worked for us, but my main point to all you mothers to be, mothers that are or mothers that might be one day they aren’t sure yet.

Just buy whatever the hell you like! Odds are the kids got to like one at least of those things haven’t they?!

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


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