Bump Date | Week 23

  23 weeks exactly – 28/02/16

23 weeks today! Only one more week till viability! I can’t tell you how much of a relief it will be to get to that point although from the way she’s kicking me in there I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a little fighter. Weight gain is starting to increase in my opinion pretty dramatically I’m now up by 8.2lb! It’s still classed as on the low side for this point but the numbers are going up by a pound a week it’s pretty scary, my bump as you will have noticed is bloody huge! I have no idea how it’s going to get any bigger but I’m sure I’ll be earning my tiger stripes soon if it carries on a this pace as for symptoms it’s all calm on the western front (for now) bit of heartburn, bit of backache but otherwise fighting fit, so power on little one 17 weeks to go!

23 weeks 6 days – 05/03/16 

23 week bump! And I’m horrified to announce that this week has brought stretch marks! & not to my stomach but to my thighs! What the actual hell? I’d much rather have them on my stomach nobody will see my stomach, I don’t wear belly tops & I could have bought some lovely swimming costumes how am I going to hide these if I ever go to the beach? I’m going to have to go in leggings or a diving suit from now on haha. Granted they aren’t very big but this is an unexpected disappointment. I have tree trunk thighs! I know there’s no cure but there is a treatment, bring me the bio oil!


Ps – I’ll be changing when I do these as of tommorow I’ll be updating them on a Sunday rather than the Saturday as that’s the day my week changes

Pps – This post is not meant to offend and no I am not ungrateful for my baby or being pregnant but that being said, no I do not like my stretch marks, I do love my baby and want her to be born happy and healthy and if stretch marks are the way that happens then so be it


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