Bump Date | Week 26

26 weeks! 

Only 14 more weeks to go! Eek! I literally fall in love with her more & more everyday I keep staring in her wardrobe at all her clothes & I can’t wait to see her in them! We’ve also decided on her nursery theme I & we’re going with the unicorns! 🦄 The geek in me can’t help it it’s like Harry Potter for princess’s! 👑 All being well we’re off to buy the wallpaper & paint today her room should be done in the next 3 weeks! I’ll be giving a sneak preview of what we’ll be buying for her bedroom in an upcoming blog post.

26 Week bump!  I know I say this everytime but I feel HUGE! My bump looks way bigger out of clothes lol although I’ve actually not gained anything since last week still at 144lbs which is a total gain of 9.4lbs not sure whether to be concerned or not but she’s definitely kicking up a storm in there lately, I keep expecting her to burst out of my stomach like that scene from Alien! 😂 I know we both have a lot more growing to do though over the next 14 weeks and I’m excited for the point when I can make out her foot or hand through my skin even though it’s pretty creepy to look at its also amazing! ❤️


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