They see me strolling…

There is no bigger or more exciting purchase (IMO) when having a baby than choosing your pram/stroller. This was the most exciting baby buy for me. I’ve always had an obsession with prams I’ve googled them for years well before we planned on having a baby. We agreed to wait until after our 20 week scan so as soon as the time came to choose ours, I was on it like a car bonnet! I must have looked at 100’s of prams over the first 20 weeks trying to decide which would be best. The 3 that came up the most when people recommended a pram was Bugaboo, I candy or Silver cross.

Now I realise I may be in a minority here as they are loved world wide but I honestly think Bugaboos are one of the ugliest most uncomfortable looking prams out there so that was an instant No. The I candy is a nice looking pram but after pushing a few around the store they seemed unnecessarily big and bulky with huge wheels and bulky frames so that was also a no. I didn’t particularly like any of the colour packs on the Silver cross or the frame so I never really crossed it off my list but decided to look around a little more.

For a while I thought my decision had been made with the Mama’s and Papa’s Urbo 2 in tweed it was lovely if a little pricey when you added all the extras but it was a nice push and felt comfortable and the colour was great.

By this point I had looked at almost every pram out there and this was the best we had found hubby liked it and so did I it was practically a done deal. There was just one more shop to try Affordable Baby Care which on my weekly shopping route. So one day me and my mum called in on our way and had a browse round I was just thinking nope definitely nothing in here then there it was…tucked away in the corner with all the other silver cross prams The Wayfarer but not just any wayfarer The new special edition wayfarer in Eaton Grey. It looked amazing with a black sleek shiny base and shiny black frame around the hood, matching changing bag, cup holder, amazingly soft faux fur seat liner and silver cross car seat adapters all for £650!

I’m pretty sure this is how most men react to cars but I was in love with this pram and made my mind up on the spot. I showed hubby pictures that night he agreed it was “nice” a high compliment from his lordship lol. The rest is history I went back in the next week and bought now this little beauty is ours! The great thing about ABC baby is they will keep them for as long as you need them to, so we probably wont pick ours up until a couple of weeks before my due date.

One thing we did have to buy separately with this pram is our car seat and the pushchair adapters for it. As I said above the silver cross adapters came with the deal but after looking at all the car seats available and the main safety feature the Iso-fix bases we decided that buying a silver cross car seat just wasn’t worth it as once they outgrow the first size carseat you have to buy a new seat and a new base. We decided to go with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble car seat which we bought on offer at & bought the maxi-cosi familyfix base as that has a compatible seat for up to 4 years without having to spend a fortune on a new base in a year.

I seriously can’t wait for my little mini to get here so I can take her out!

14 weeks to go!




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