Unicorn/Fantasy Nursery Theme – Sneak Peek

We are finally FINALLY getting on with our little ones nursery and let me tell you I am SO excited for the finished result it’s going to be absolutely magical!

I’ve never been a big fan of pink and point blank refused to do a pink nursery I had loads of colours in mind my favourites were leaning towards Mint/Aqua with grey and white (and lots of glitter) We decided to use our 3rd bedroom as the nursery as she won’t be using slit for the first 4/6months and won’t need a lot of space she’ll most likely move into our much bigger guest room when we have another child in very distant future lol.

I had originally planned to do a subtle Antarctic/penguin theme in her room (who doesn’t love a cute penguin?) but then I saw this wallpaper…..

Unicorns! It’s even prettier in real life it has silver glitter accents on the snowflakes & wings I just fell in love with it & with that my entire them changed! It’s like Harry Potter for princess’s!

 Although it does have a touch of pink/purple we’re still keeping the same colour scheme as the bedding I’ve already bought matches perfectly. We’re only going to do this on one wall to keep it subtle and the rest of the walls will be a very pale grey with a touch of silver glitter we have also chosen a pale grey/silver carpet so it will be very neutral with just the pop from the wall.

Furniture wise we have chosen the IKEA Gonatt crib & the Trogen Wardrobe & dressing table in light grey. We will be using the chest of drawers as a changing table to start with as its strong and sturdy and fits our changing mat perfectly.


It’s a great price, good looking, neat and compact but with a lot of storage space which is perfect for her small room. The side of the crib comes away to make a toddler bed for when she’s ready. The only thing I don’t like about the furniture it’s the doorknobs and as you can see in the picture above I have ordered some beautiful rainbow crystal knobs to change them and matching crystals for her mini chandelier.

I am currently in the process of making a matching nursery mobile which I will reveal once her room is completed which all being well should be next Saturday!

Even after completely renovating our entire house including brand new kitchen & bathroom over the past year I think this is the room I am most so excited to see come together.

The thought of having her room set up ready just makes it more real that in 3 months time our baby girl will be here!



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