Bump Date | Week 29

29 Weeks! Only 11 to go! How is that even possible? Still feeling good my only annoying symptom is frequent urination it’s practically every 10 mins I can’t walk far before needing it again & I sleep in two hour intervals I seriously considering adult nappies at this point lol I’m off to the Harry Potter studio tour today so god knows how I’ll manage that lol.

29 week bump date! Me & bump have had a busy day & just got in. FYI the Harry Potter studios are fantastic I can’t wait till she’s older enough to understand I hope she love HP as much as I do! My bump is really low today I think she thinks my bladder is her very own blow up chair lol only 11 weeks to go now I can’t believe how quick times flying! I had my 28weeks midwife appointment on Thursday & luckily I’m not measuring big anymore & we’re bang on track & everything seems healthy just waiting for the blood work back, I’ve gained a total of 12.2lbs so my weight is climbing again but she’s piling on the pounds now ready for her debut so hopefully that’s the reason lol. Her nursery furniture arrives tommorow so prepare yourself for loads of nursery pic spam if we manage to get everything set up as its all flat packed lol



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