Bump Date | Week 31

31 Weeks! Only 9 weeks left! (I’m determined she’s coming on time if not a little earlier lol) We had our 4D scan this week which was amazing! I can’t recommend it enough, I also think it was particularly great for my hubby as he’s now able to put a face to a name & picture her being here which although he was looking forward to it before & we’ve been getting things ready I think it all seemed a bit surreal to him that we were actually going to have a real life baby lol. Symptoms this week are insomnia, clicky ribs & painful hip joints & as I still have 9 weeks to go I’m pretty sure it’ll get worse before it gets better lol

31 week bump! My little lady is super active lately and don’t we know it 😂 so far she’s been head down since 28 weeks & in hoping she’s planning on staying that way. I have my next midwife appointment this Thursday so hopefully everything’s still going well & on track. She keeps sticking her foot in my ribs which is definitely not comfortable & means I have to sit sideways till she decides to move lol so excited for the next 9 weeks to meet this little girl! 😍


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