Our 4D Scan!

As a Christmas present my mother in law generously bought us a voucher for a 4D scan. We always planned on having one as I think they’re amazing. At the time I was only around 14 weeks & they recommend being around 28-34 weeks as baby has put on some fat by that point so we booked ours for 30 weeks.

I am so glad we had one done, it was amazing we got a bit of a shock when she first popped up on screen as she was squished up right into the placenta which made her look like she had HUGE lips (seriously she looked like Jay-Z) it’s was a bit of an “oh dear god” moment 😂 here’s the picture….


Seriously look at those lips! Wow!

Luckily after some jumping, dancing, rolling & icy water she twisted around enough for is to get a good look at her we got 2 print outs & a disk with over 100 photos on. She was pouting, sticking her tongue out, smiling & OMG she is so cute! Yes I’m biased I’m her mum lol but look at that cheeky face!

Honestly how is possible to be so in love with someone you’ve never met? I think she has my nose & Josh’s mouth I’m so excited to meet her in person. I also think this experience has helped Josh bond more as he can see a glimpse of the person he helped create ❤️

If your thinking of having a 4D scan I seriously can’t recommend it enough based on my experience. Less than 9 weeks until we meet this little lady!


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