Bump Date | Week 33

33 Weeks! 😮 times ticking away luckily I’m pretty much sorted for everything baby related our hospital bags are 95% packed just waiting on a few more things to arrive then I will be doing a blog post on what I’ve packed 😊 I’m still feeling good although moving around is much more difficult these days & I definitely waddle 🙈 still 3 more weeks left at work 😩 it’s times like this I wish I had a desk job 2year olds are exhausting!

33 week bump! My little honey is the size of a honeydew (again no idea what that is lol) getting some swelling now especially since the weathers gotten warmer which I am seriously loving right now even if I can’t celebrate it with a nice pint lol. Beginning to kind of regret my decision to work until 36 weeks I never realised how physical my job was before & it’s taking a toll on my hips & back but I’m determined to power through my last 3 weeks as it’ll all be worth it when my little monkey arrives & I get that extra time with her 😍


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