Bump Date | Week 34

34 Weeks! – Had a scary hour this morning normally I feel baby kicking within the first ten mins of me waking up but this morning there was nothing I tried everything all the usual tricks to get her moving but nothing was working even hubby was getting nervous, I was literally about to call my midwife when boom boom boom 3 huge kicks to my ribs and a sucker punch to my bladder & now she’s hasn’t stopped I’m pretty sure she’s pissed at me now for waking her up 🙈 the relief after all that panic though at least when she’s here I can just give her a poke when she’s too quiet 😂

34 week bump! I don’t particularly feel any bigger but definitely more uncomfortable. I’ve been having Braxton hicks contractions like mad these past few days not painful just uncomfortable only 6 weeks to go now finally managed to weigh myself I’m up 21lbs 😳 I know it’s not loads hopefully it’s all bump. fingers crossed anyway 😂


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