Unicorn Themed Nursery

Although I’m definitely a girly girl I’ve never really been a pink person, so when it came to designing a nursery for a girl the struggle was to do something pretty & girly but without using much if any pink.

The original them was going to be an antarctic theme using greys, whites & blues, That was until I saw this unicorn wallpaper! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for her room. Luckily the colour’s were pretty much the exact same as we had chosen but with hints of lilac & pink. This meant we could still have buy the furniture & bedding we had already chosen the only change would be in the accessories.

We live in a 3 bed roomed house but decided it was silly to have the nursery in our second bedroom as 1) She wouldn’t even be sleeping in there for the first few months or spending much time in there at all for the first few years & 2) It just made more sense to keep it as our guest room. It would have been very easy to over clutter this room as the wallpaper is quite a busy pattern & I very nearly almost did but I think we managed to find just the right balance between cosy & cluttered. I think this room is perfect for her to grow in as it’s not an overly baby or girly theme. I had so much fun designing this nursery and DIYing some of the bits such as her crib mobile which I’m pretty much obsessed with, her chandelier & rocking chair.

Overall I have to say I am beyond pleased with how this turned out & I cant wait for my little princess to finally join us I hope she loves it as much as we do!





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