Messy Mondays – Edible Baby Finger paints

(Ok so I know it’s not Monday but this will be a Weekly Monday feature from next week)

I’ve always loved messy/sensory/learning activities & being a former nursery nurse I’ve had plenty of opportunities to try out a lot of different ones for all ages. Taylor won’t be going to nursery for awhile & I don’t want her to miss out on all these learning experiences so each Monday I’ll be posting a new activity that we’ve tried.

Edible Baby Finger Paints

This may be the easiest, simple & cheap activity but is also one of the messiest!


Natural Yoghurt

Food Colouring

What else might I need?


Mat (Β£1 at the pound shop)

Mini pots for the yoghurt paint

Paint brushes

Age range – 5/18months

The aim – The aim of this activity is to help them learn & explore safely. We all know young children put practically everything straight in their mouths as this is how they learn. Most paints are not safe for very young children & Edible paint is there to ensure that if it is the child is still safe until they can safely use normal paints. Natural yoghurt is quite bitter to try & put children off but gentle encouragement to not put it in their mouths is required (my daughter unfortunately loved the taste).

What are they learning?

Mathematics – Colours

Literacy – Mark Making

Physical- Fine & Gross Motor skills, sensory experiences, Making connections between movements & Marks

Communication & Language – Lot of talking, describing involved

Arts & Design – Movement & Marks

Personal, Social & Emotional – Learning boundaries e.g. Don’t throw, Not in your mouth

Seriously it really is that easy & simple & a lot of fun!

Taylor’s Verdict

Delicious, Messy Fun!


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