Messy Mondays – Baby Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! I hope you’ve all had fun stuffing yourself silly on chocolate and spoiling your little ones! Taylor has been sufficiently spoilt by everyone but hey you only get one first Easter! 

Easter is a lot of fun for everyone but most activities are tailored towards older children such as Easter egg hunts etc Well just because Taylor’s only little I didn’t want her to miss out on the fun so we made our own mini egg hunt!

This activity can be used for more than just egg hunting it’s great for all kinds of activities which I’ll be doing sooner or later 😊

What Do I Need?

Easter Basket

Shredded Paper (I bought coloured but if you have a paper shredder you can do it yourself)

Box (Any type of decent sized box I used an old cardboard box)

Plastic Eggs (I got 6 for £1 at the pound shop that could open for me to add treats inside you don’t have to put anything in them though)

What Else Might I Need?

Treats ( I used milky buttons & cheese puffs)

Age Range 


The Aim 

The aim of this activity is mainly having fun but also learning that just because things are out of sight doesn’t not mean they have disappeared or gone completely as this is what very young children believe and activities like this help encourage their development it’s also a sensory/ touch and feel activity. beginning to recognise different textures the feel of the paper compared to the eggs.

What are they learning?

Mathematics – Colours, numbers & counting

Physical- Fine & Gross Motor skills, sensory experiences

Communication & Language – Talking

How Much Did It Cost?

£3 (I had the box & snacks already in)

Taylor’s Verdict

Are these all mine? 😋


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