About Me

So I guess I have to do one of these as this blog is about my journey & it’s always nice to put a face to a blog so here I am.

Yup that’s me on my wedding day & right there in the back is my mama bear. Cute right?

Ok so first things first your probably think woahh nelly your way too young to be getting married & having a baby but I’m actually 27 according to my birth certificate, Mentally I’m pretty sure I never aged past 16 and physically I’m pretty much the same as at 16. It’s great in theory but not so good when your getting ID’d for buying party poppers & a potato peeler (true story)

Anyhoo lets move on I live in a tiny little town in South Yorkshire (England) I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life and never moved more than a few streets away my hubby and I actually bought our house on the same street I grew up on. Me and my husband (Josh) have been together since Nov 2007 (college sweethearts) and been together ever since we got engaged May 2013 and married August 2015 he may drive me stark raving bonkers at times but I wouldn’t swap him for all the tea in China.
We always planned to start a family straight after our wedding and were ridiculously lucky to get pregnant after just 2 months of trying on the 15 October 2015 we got our official 2 lines and pregnant!

Ive always blogged but never quite consistently but I’ve always loved reading mummy blogs and toyed with the idea of starting one myself. I finally decided at around 20 weeks to take the plunge and that my friends is where our journey begins….