Bump Date | Week 24

  Hurray for viability day!   24 Weeks today! Mini has reached viability & on mothers day aswell 😍 this past week she definitely started developing her own schedule, she loves mornings and evenings, that’s when I feel her kicking the … Continue reading

Hello Everyone!

This blog has been a long time in the making so first off I’ll start off by introducing myself and letting you know a little about what this blog is going to be about.

So Hi everyone, I’m Zoe and I managed to buy and renovate a house, get married and get knocked up all in the same year (And people call me lazy?!)

Ok so it was far more romantic than it sounds (for the most part) Me and my husband Josh have been together since college 8 years to be exact we got engaged May 2013 and planned our wedding for 2 years later. in the meantime we were saving towards the wedding & a mortgage money was tight but we were determined. We finally got the found our perfect house November 14 & got the keys on the 27th February 15 and it was all systems go from then to get the house ready & livable in time for our wedding. We’re mostly there with the house now, there’s still some  bits to do which you’ll see in up coming blog posts.

We finally got married on 1st August 2015 and it may sound corny but it really was the most surreal & amazing day of my life to date.

(will I ever fit in this dress again?)

 We had always planned to start trying for a family immediately after our wedding as we knew  there was no guarantee that we would get pregnant straight away. I had plans to start a series on here about my trying to conceive journey which if you follow me on instagram @Minimoorediaries you will already know about. Which you will also know never materialised as we got caught pregnant in our 2nd cycle!

I’m now in my 23rd week of pregnancy and I still find it hard to believe I’m pregnant as apart from my ever expanding bump I’ve had a pretty easy ride so far. I’ve finally started this blog to document my journey into the huge, scary and amazing world into my first pregnancy and becoming a first time mum.

I really hope you’ll stick around to follow my journey

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